share program

No joking, get the sheet music for free


  • How should I do?

    1. find the sheet music you need;
    2. find the sharing button under PRODUCT DESCRIPTION in the product page, and share it;
    3. $ 0.5=1 like, after you've accumulated enough likes, email us:;
         For example, the price of music is $ 2, and you only need to accumulate 4 likes.
         That's all you need do.
   4. We will send the music score to you within 1-2 working days after receiving the email


  • Other rules

    1. In the process of execution, we may adjust the scheme in real time;
    2. You can also share our homepage, links in other ways, such as email, or in forum.Just let us know that you shared the site or product, and we'll reward you in a similar way;
    3. Each person can get up to 5 free sheet music;
    4. The campaign will last for three months, starting on April 29, 2020.

Thank You !