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  • This is a young site compared to many music publishing and sales sites, but our team is not young - we have been working steadily for nearly 15 years until 2020. Before 2015, our work includes two parts: 1. Undertake the work of producing music for composers, orchestras and publishing houses; 2. In the extra time, we build our own database, which is the score you see on this website.
  • Starting from 2015, we have made digital publishing our main goal, publishing more than 4,000 pages of digital music every year, and in the next 2-3 years, we will strive to increase this number to 8000-10,000.
  • Our only job is to provide you with as much high-quality music as possible.This is a difficult process, if there is not done well enough, I hope you can tell us, we will correct.

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